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SWC3: Minho’s two ways of flying kisses, which one is your favourite? ^^ ©

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OMG! It took me forever to finish this.

I spazzed too much because of that look, that i’m-gonna-take-your-heart-away look ^^

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[Stream] MBC Medical Top Team Episode 5 - Minho 131023 (HD) (FULL ENG) →


Medical Top Team (ENG Sub) List:
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SHINee 샤이니_At day’s end, just for fun! Why So Serious?_Interview Clip (por SMTOWN)

music bank (10,05.13) onho

music bank (10,05.13) onho


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HQ Photos- minho open concert (10.05.13)

cre:my dearest

japan mobil site update (10.05.13) minho

Hello to everyone of SHINee WORLD J + PLUS.
I’m Minho.

The month of May makes you feel refreshed with continuous warm days~♪
I heard that it was Golden Week in Japan, so how did all of you spend it?
Lately, even though I’m busy with Korean album and MC activities next to preparing for the tour, the days I spend are enjoyable.

Also, I was looking forward to meeting all of you this month but it’s a pity that the tour was delayed.

We’re preparing as much as we can in order to present a better stage so everyone, please wait a little bit more, okay~

(T/N: Golden Week is the term for continuous public holidays in Japan starting from the end of April to the first few days of May.)

Translated by: red @ 

HQ Photos- minho music bank (10.05.13)

cre:can u smile

HQ Photos- minho music bank (10.05.13)

cre:my dearest

HQ Photos- minho music bank (10.05.13)


OMG OMG I so luv min ho so much. i just started fan girling <3 OMG can you tell me who his girlfriend is :(


minho’s girlfriend? LOL he don’t have one… or maybe you can say 2min (minho+ taemin) or minkey (minho + key) or onho (minho+onew) … etc etc.. LOL :)

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